Sous les Etoiles Gallery, NY


« Delaporte sings an electric body: current and quick, seldom static, hardly shocking, charged with energy and crackling with unpredictable incidents(…)
An orange construction, a sort of brazenly pop rendition of a Richard Serra Cor-Tensteel sculpture embraces her; a purple and blue one urges her into positions worthy of Bronzino, that elegant sixteenth-century Mannerist.(…) It’s all theater, it’s madcap, it’s dance/drama without a narraBve, it’s amusing, it’s intense »
« More than a century ago, Loie Fuller, who would influence much modern dance, performed in voluminous floating robes. Though she never revealed her body, she created wild, lovely, momentary forms from the fabrics she stirred into art-nouveau storms. From one angle, Delaporte’s Nudes resemble a naughty update on Fuller. »
Extracts from the original text by Vicki Goldberg.