Sophie Delaporte is a photographer, an artist photographer, whose ubiquity of colour, of the female form and its own staged double are orchestrated in dreamy, fragile and ephemeral settings, where the magical fleetingness of the captured moment is delicately transcribed in the recording room, taking on the finery of an intimate bedroom. The colour infused on these young bodies, sometimes women, sometimes young men too, gives the whole an air of the present, of a sensual and theatrical zeitgeist, on the edge of pictorial abstraction.

The expressive joy that colour evokes in Sophie Delaporte’s photography is real; palpable and tactile, a constituted language, a rhetoric to continue the idea developed by Jacqueline Lichtenstein. Finally, an invasive colour, subversive for garment and setting, an activist assembler of a colour manifesto.

Excerpts from The Colour Out of Space by Mathieu Buard