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Early Fashion Work

Solo show Gallery 21, Tokyo, October 2010.
Solo show Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York, September 2009.
Solo show Galerie Marion Meyer, Paris, November 2002.

Mois de la photo, Paris, November 2002,
Text by Martin Harrison:


september 17 – october 30, 2009

“A fashion photograph capable of exceeding the lifetime of a monthly magazine requires a certain duplicity. This duplicity is the photographer’s who undertakes selling a product while hiding the secret ambition of creating art. The fashion photograph defines itself between the lines of this dichotomy…
Some of these young photographers – and Sophie Delaporte is the most shining example – keep the evidence of a certain ambivalence between the limitations of both cultural and creative in the genre they have chosen. In 1994, when I discovered the work of Sophie Delaporte, it fascinated me” said Martin Harrison.
(1) Text published in the catalog of Mois de la Photo, Paris, 2002)

The construction of each scenario reveals a creature from an abstract dream that mixes fantasy and reality. Women are between two ages and often rooted in childhood, far from conventional representation. “I like images that are not obvious and leave room for interpretation, those that offer several levels of reading”, said Delaporte.

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