Vogue It Colors

This very experimental project of film and photographs for Vogue.it was the opportunity for me to imagine a fashion shoot differently … another way to show fashion.
Far from the growing constraints of the press, everything can be done more freely, lightly and spontaneously.

Here girls are just being themselves, having fun and improvising with fashion. Their personalities, their backgrounds, interest me as much as the clothes they are wearing.

My photographs have always promoted the idea of a sensual and liberated woman, far removed from those simplistic and sexist representations in which models are still often boxed into.

I had fun showing women freed from superfluous make-up or artificial hairdressing, who refuse to confine themselves in a garment or representation that is too coded, artificial or cliché.
As in all my fashion work models are not the « object » (onto which we will apply a hairstyle or a garment) but the « subject » of the photograph. Women take ownership of fashion rather than submit to it. Some GIFs and images of this work are published on Paris Good Fashion’s Website

Fashion Editor/Stylist : Claire Sibille

Hair Stylist : Sayaka Otama

Makeup Artist : Michelle Rainer

Set Designer : Arnaud Laurens

Model : Adrien Dantou & Katherine Konlin & Liza Ostanina & Marie Fofana