Grand Prix Photography & Sustainability
Troubled Waters series

Hotel de Ville, Paris


Sophie Delaporte stages coloured forms in nature.

Photographed in the last rays of sunshine, the vivid and threatening colours of the plastic contrast with the infinitely more subtle and nuanced shades of the sea, sky or a field of wheat.

In response to the call for entries for the first edition of the Grand Prix Photography & Sustainability, this work evokes the serious and dangerous impact of certain industries on the environment and the need for society to reinvent itself today.

Inspired by the surrealists, Sophie Delaporte enjoys subverting codes. She plays with forms and colours. We see her photographing fashion but she also talks about women and their place in society, she explores landscapes and our fragile relationships with the environment; her language is colour.

“It was a difficult but very amusing challenge to try and address certain environmental issues through images. It allowed me to invent new forms, by focusing on what has always been at the heart of my photographic work: colour and the search for a certain form of Poetic Abstraction”.