Screening of 3 videos by Sophie Delaporte at Palais de Tokyo, SFE tv, March 19, 2014

Color Abstraction:

In a small room, a young woman dressed with an overall build and deconstruct fragile installations. In this video, Sophie Delaporte offers to Melissa Mourer Ordener, performance artist, to be her double. The muse turns into an artist, and the artist into a muse. By filming her optical sculptures, Sophie Delaporte questions herself about the creative process. Those ephemeral sculptures, invisible to the human eye, tend toward abstraction. They are playing with the limits of our vision and our imagination.


Sophie-Delaporte-palais-de-tokyoJacques Toubon watching Sophie Delaporte’s videos, SFE tv, Palais de Tokyo.

Sophie-Delaporte-palais-de-tokyo“Colors Abstraction” by Sophie Delaporte on SFE tv.

Sophie-Delaporte-palais-de-tokyo Jacques Toubon, Melissa Mourer Ordener et Marcus Kreiss, SFE tv launching at Palais de Tokyo.

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