La bouche rouge presents the first edition of “Partial Color Studies”, in the form of two 32-page books produced in collaboration with Laurent Fétis.

Pop-up Gallery de Vallois, from 17th until 27th November curated by Sarah Andelman.
Color Studies by Sophie Delaporte at La Bouche Rouge Pop-up store November 2021
Color Studies by Sophie Delaporte at La Bouche Rouge Pop-up store November 2021
“Color Studies” reads like a series of researches on the notion of “artistic gesture”, on the notion of time and our humble and fragile place in nature.
In analogy with the photographic medium, on which the light sets to reveal an image, Sophie Delaporte decides for this series, to observe for whole days the changing and declining shadows of the sun, the intermittent passages of the clouds, the reflections of colors on a white balustrade, or the wind making and breaking improbable paper sculptures. The artist unroll her canvases as if to lay down a story … That of the child who passes by and invents stories for himself, but also that of the wind and the clouds combined, which suddenly destroy the drawing she was hoping for, to propose another one.
Imagined as unique experiences, each photograph (sometimes composed of a hundred pictures), each video, is the result of an intuitive blend of human intervention and organic forces.
Color simplifies form, plays with perspectives, modifies our perception of volumes and disrupts and transforms our vision, in constructions often nourished by references to painting or sculpture.
The creation of these fragile installations gives rise to multiple and playful improvisations, in which I observe the work being done, constantly in search of a certain form of poetic abstraction.
The limited editions of Partial Color Studies are now available for sale in the shop