Maelle Poesy by Sophie Delaporte for Violet Book

“Moment of grace” is the title given by the magazine for this publication which brings together Maëlle Poesy, photographer Sophie Delaporte and the words of Clémence Poesy. Known for her high energy staging, Maëlle slips easily into Delaporte’s colorful fantasy, revealing her joyful personality. Their commun interest for Pina Bausch inspired this story about movement.

Maëlle Poesy by Sophie Delaporte.

“Moment of grace” by Sophie Delaporte.


Paper Theatre by Sophie Delaporte

Magazine Fahrenheit (Mexico) publishes an article on Sophie Delaporte’ s work with photos from the series “Paper Theatre”.

“My approach to photography has always been quite “plasticien”. In this series, I was interested in the sculptural dimension of Rei Kawabuko’s dresses. I like to work on color as some classic painters may have done. using a piece of clothing as raw material. I don’t think about a piece of clothing as a consumer product (which is often the case in fashion photography). I prefer to think of it as a second skin, an image of one’s soul. The characters evolve on one set, just like in a small theatre. Like in all my work, what is real and what is pretense is not clearly defined”.


Paper Theatre by Sophie Delaporte in Fahrenheit magazine


Publication in Fahrenheit magazine by Sophie Delaporte

Astier de Villatte, Villa Medicis collection

This new collection, Villa Mediciswas created in partnership with the French Academy in Rome and seeks to recreate the Mediterranean atmosphere and the scent of its gardens.

Benoit Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli asked their long time collaborator Sophie Delaporte to photograph the collection in colorful compositions.

Astier de Villatte, the Villa Medicis collection by Sophie Delaporte.

Notebooks, the Villa Medicis collection by Sophie Delaporte.


Aurelie Dupont by Sophie Delaporte

Aurelie Dupont by Sophie Delaporte, May 18, 2015

Aurelie Dupont has recently put an end to her career as prima ballerina for l’Opéra national de Paris. On this occasion, Série Limitée asked Sophie Delaporte to make a colorful portrait of her. Using a ballet class as a studio, Sophie Delaporte photographed Aurélie as a woman at a turning point of her life. No more toe shoes and ballet skirt but high heels, a red outfit and a YSL leather jacket to celebrate her strong personality.

Aurelie Dupont by Sophie Delaporte.

Aurelie Dupont by Sophie Delaporte.


Bad to the bone Issue #6 by Sophie Delaporte

Bad to the bone Issue #6 by Sophie Delaporte, March 30, 2015

Bad to the bone magazine presents in this new publication a 16-page story by the French artist, Sophie Delaporte. Colors, movements and spontaneity have always been the photographer’s interests and this story explores them all. Using models, dancer or new faces, the pictures show free women with strong personalities, playing with fashion.

Style : Fiona Khalifa
Models : Sofia Fanego, Maria Locks, Ludivine Dumortier, Capucine Goust…

sophie-delaporte-bad-to-the-boneSofia Fanego by Sophie Delaporte


sophie-delaporte-for-bad-to-the-boneBad to the Bone issue 6 with a wonderful editorial shot by Sophie Delaporte.