« Postmodern Mysteries » exhibition New York

« Postmodern Mysteries » – or Not ?, craveonline

French artist Sophie Delaporte cavorts and delights with a provocative series of absurd photographs.
by Miss Rosen, May 29th, 2016.


Blind man’s bluff, 2003.

Liberated from the confines of objective reality and absolute truth, postmodernism is truly a twentieth century mindset. With a passion for moral relativism, self-referentiality and subjectivity, postmodernism has become a highly popular perspective shared by people from all walks of life. It’s inherently nihilistic, and righteously so, preferring to focus on the fragment rather than the whole. In changing perspective, we lose touch with the known, entering into a world of illusions where all things are true regardless of fact. Postmodernism is the matrix. Might not be any coming back.

Enter French artist Sophie Delaporte (b. 1971), who has been working in fashion since the early 1990s when the artists began her formative and longstanding collaboration with i-D magazine. Delaporte loves to play, to engage in the fantastical freedom that the photograph provides. Stories are evoked through the depth of color, staging, gestures, and other suggestive cues. With a theatrical eye and a mind for fun, Delaporte’s embrace of the postmodern has allowed her to create a fabulist’s world that keeps things ambiguous to the point that meaning becomes absurd. She embraces this spirit in a new series of work Postmodern Mysteries, now on view at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York, through June 11, 2016.


Diner entre amis d’apres Duras, 2003.

Postmodern Mysteries is delightfully engaging, provoking wonder and curiosity, as well as charming a smile across the lips. Delaporte brilliantly engages us with red herrings and loose threads, wild goose chases and rabbit holes. With a tongue firmly planted in chic, Delaporte’s work is sumptuous, subversive, and enigmatic, beckoning us to wonder, Porque? But there is no Why? because that’s the joke. Postmodernism says anything is possible, including answers without questions.


Disorder after Vermeer, 2008.

As noted photography critic Vicki Goldberg writes, “Sophie Delaporte’s photographs for Astier de Villatte are as full of mystery as a collection of Simenon stories, as charged with ambiguity as a painting by Dali, and as partial to whimsy as a song by Noel Coward. The mysteries are decidedly post-modern; consisting of inexplicable actions, they involve no crime and have no solution other than anyone’s guess. The ambiguity is immutable, six centimeters of uncertainty evidently being preferable to a meter of clarity. The whimsy is one facet of an off-beat sense of humor that manages to combine melancholy, portents, and absurdity; cherishes fantasy; and relishes the odd and the almost ridiculous”.


Global nonchalance, 2005.

Indeed, in Delaporte’s world we come to understand the surreality of subjectivity, and the way in which it centers us like the earth in the age of Copernicus. By embracing postmodernism and all its mystery, Delaporte embraces the beauty of the absurd in all its glorious infiniteness.

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3 videos by Sophie Delaporte at Musee des Abattoirs de Toulouse

3 videos by Sophie Delaporte presented at Musée des Abattoirs de Toulouse, April 2016

Trois vidéos de Sophie Delaporte ont été présentées au Musée des Abattoirs de Toulouse (Frac Midi-Pyrénées), l’occasion de la 19em edition du Festival Traverse Vidéo.
La projection des films était accompagnée d’une performance participative de Melissa Mourer Orderer.


Screening and performance at Traverse Video 2016, Musée des Abattoirs de Toulouse.

True Colors réunit quatre vidéos performatives, écrites pour Melissa Mourer Ordener et tournées dans une seule et même pièce ; la « performance » est pensée et écrite comme une « expérience », liée à sa captation photographique
En grande résonance avec « l’atypique trouble », Sophie Delaporte joue des propriétés purement photographiques, comme la saturation des couleurs, l’enregistrement de la vitesse pour brouiller la vision du spectateur, troubler la lecture de l’expérience qui progressivement s’emballe.
Aux Abattoirs, la version performance a gardé trois films avec un phénomène récurrent d’accélération par lequel le sujet se retrouve bientôt dépassé par l’expérience qu’il a lui même provoquée.
Ses recherches plasticiennes sur la couleur parfois, inspirées des travaux de Johanes Itens, deviennent cependant des prétextes pour aborder des questions de société, philosophiques et économiques dans Couleurs Fantômes ou environnementales dans Les Chimiques et In the Air.


Screening and performance at Traverse Video 2016, Musée des Abattoirs de Toulouse.


A part publications by Sophie Delaporte

A part publications by Sophie Delaporte, March 2016

Distributed internationally, Apart aims to be a true aesthetics reference and a work of art in itself. Each publication will be special in terms of format and content; Each issue will have a different lay out; there will be publication according to wishes and events. Features will change according to the contributors.

A limited edition, the works will be exceptional as well as collectors items, showing the talents of distinguished artists, photographers, stylists and journalists of international repute.

Titled « Anger Management », the 30-page story shot by Sophie Delaporte for this second issue is designed around 5 primary colors sequences with a cast of models and dancers. Every woman brings her own personality and sensitivity to the pictures, creating a unique universe,  and a place to express herself.


A part publications by Sophie Delaporte


A part publications by Sophie Delaporte


Pulpalicious, « How I feel » by Sophie Delaporte

Pulpalicious, « How I feel » music video by Sophie Delaporte, November 9, 2015

Pulpalicious, aka PLPS, reveals their new music video « How I feel » directed by Sophie Delaporte and produced by Première Heure (Why Us). For the video, the four musicians play behind the one-way mirror of a peep show booth in a reference to the famous Wim Wenders movie, « Paris Texas », in front of four energetic and seductive girls. The music leads the girls and the DJs in a struggle that ends in an explosion of color. The cast includes amazing dancers, namely Claire Tran and Charlotte Siepiora.

"How I feel" by Sophie Delaporte, Pulpalicious music video.

« How I feel » by Sophie Delaporte, Pulpalicious music video.

"How I feel" by Sophie Delaporte, Pulpalicious music video.

« How I feel » by Sophie Delaporte, PLPS music video.


Maelle Poesy by Sophie Delaporte for Violet Book

Maelle Poesy by Sophie Delaporte for Violet Book, September 20, 2015

« Moment of grace » is the title given by the magazine for this publication which brings together Maëlle Poesy, photographer Sophie Delaporte and the words of Clémence Poesy. Known for her high energy staging, Maëlle slips easily into Delaporte’s colorful fantasy, revealing her joyful personality. Their commun interest for Pina Bausch inspired this story about movement.

Maëlle Poesy by Sophie Delaporte.

« Moment of grace » by Sophie Delaporte.


Paper Theatre by Sophie Delaporte

Paper Theatre by Sophie Delaporte, September 2015

Magazine Fahrenheit (Mexico) publishes an article on Sophie Delaporte’ s work with photos from the series « Paper Theatre ».

« My approach to photography has always been quite « plasticien ». In this series, I was interested in the sculptural dimension of Rei Kawabuko’s dresses. I like to work on color as some classic painters may have done. using a piece of clothing as raw material. I don’t think about a piece of clothing as a consumer product (which is often the case in fashion photography). I prefer to think of it as a second skin, an image of one’s soul. The characters evolve on one set, just like in a small theatre. Like in all my work, what is real and what is pretense is not clearly defined ».


Paper Theatre by Sophie Delaporte in Fahrenheit magazine


Publication in Fahrenheit magazine by Sophie Delaporte

Astier de Villatte, Villa Medicis collection

Astier de Villatte, the Villa Medicis collection photographed by Sophie Delaporte, July, 2015

This new collection, Villa Mediciswas created in partnership with the French Academy in Rome and seeks to recreate the Mediterranean atmosphere and the scent of its gardens.

Benoit Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli asked their long time collaborator Sophie Delaporte to photograph the collection in colorful compositions.

Astier de Villatte, the Villa Medicis collection by Sophie Delaporte.

Notebooks, the Villa Medicis collection by Sophie Delaporte.


Aurelie Dupont by Sophie Delaporte

Aurelie Dupont by Sophie Delaporte, May 18, 2015

Aurelie Dupont has recently put an end to her career as prima ballerina for l’Opéra national de Paris. On this occasion, Série Limitée asked Sophie Delaporte to make a colorful portrait of her. Using a ballet class as a studio, Sophie Delaporte photographed Aurélie as a woman at a turning point of her life. No more toe shoes and ballet skirt but high heels, a red outfit and a YSL leather jacket to celebrate her strong personality.

Aurelie Dupont by Sophie Delaporte.

Aurelie Dupont by Sophie Delaporte.